Emma Bristow - Design consultant

Graphic design
and multidisciplinary


Print: Wrightson & Platt | Showroom

  • eb-print-WPcollateral-02

    Luxurious showroom packaging. Rigid 'flatpack' boxes, carrier bags, ribbon, receipt wallet and gold foil stickers.
    Winner 2014 Marketing Design Awards Home Shopping and Retail category.

  • eb-print-WPcollateral-03

    Showroom packaging detail, showing branded gold engraved peg and loop fastening with foil embossed logo.

  • eb-print-WPcollateral-04

    Carrier bags.

  • eb-print-WPcollateral-05

    Carrier bag detail, showing gold foil stickers and personalised embossed eyelets.

  • eb-print-WPcollateral-01

    Elegant and exclusive showroom collateral including a wallet for postcards and invoices, notebook, receipt wallet, gift certificate.