Emma Bristow - Design consultant

Graphic design
and multidisciplinary


Print: Wrightson & Platt | Promotional

  • eb-work-W&P Promotional.02

    Elegant and exclusive showroom collateral for the bespoke casting and silverware company. For the showroom launch we designed the invitation, gift bag and lookbook.

  • eb-print-WPpromo-03

    Bag and lookbook detail, showing large wraparound gold foil logo and a shiny gold wrap with white foil type.

  • eb-work-W&P Promotional.04

    The invitation contains a bespoke bronze leaf charm nestled in a box of die cut leaves. The bronze leaf was paired with a bespoke silver acorn gift for the guests to take home.

  • eb-print-WPpromo-01

    Press pack folders. Detail showing gold foil logo and elastic cord closure.